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Hello, I'm Justin!

I am a UX designer with a strong background in visual design. After five years working in the industry, I found myself longing for new challenges that would fulfill my creative passion.

I believe the power of design lies in its ability to create impactful experiences and make everyday life easier. I strive to create digital solutions by using empathy and a human-centred design methodology. I have an endearing passion for creating solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to work on a wide range of projects, from mobile apps to physical products. Each project has presented its own unique challenges and opportunities, but I have loved every moment of the journey.

When I'm not working...

🎧 Attending the next music festival!

🍴 Eating at the newest food spots in the city!

Enough about me.
What about you?
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